My Brother Took Away My Girlfriend

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I’m 26 years old from the parish of Portland where I met my girlfriend who’s 21 years old.

My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years now. Due to my job I had to relocate, so I took my girlfriend to live with me.

It so happens that my 43-year-old brother happened to get a job in the area I was relocated and had difficulties traveling back and forth for work. So I allowed him to stay at my home that I was sharing with my girlfriend.

As he got comfortable I noticed he got a little more friendly with her, but he’s my brother so It didn’t draw any suspicious ideas.

One day I left for work and took ill so I had to return home. My girlfriend and my brother were left at home that day, as he claimed it was his day off.

Entering my home I saw my girlfriend coming from my brother’s room which she claimed that she only took something to give him.

I became very suspicious that moment so I started keeping an eye open.

Later down in the same month, I told my girlfriend I had to go on a training course with my job for 2 weeks.  On my return, I came home to an empty house. My brother took over my girlfriend and moved her out to live with him.

I tried calling both of them but she got disrespectful telling me my brother is a freak and I’m not so she rather being with my brother and I should stop trying to contact her.

When I tried talking to my brother asking him how could he be so deceiving to me, he replied saying “hush it’s my girl now”.

I can never hate my brother but he and my girlfriend have both crushed my heart by their betrayal.

S.M.,  Portland.

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