19 And Having Sexual Feelings For My Aunt’s Daughter

I’m a female 19 years old living with my lesbian mother.

When I first found out my mother was a lesbian I was a little upset about it and told myself I would never be like her.

Until one holiday my aunt’s 16-year-old daughter came to visit me and my mom from the states. We had to share my room, and one night as she was changing her clothes I was looking at her and found myself getting all turned on and having very wild Lesbian thoughts.

I kept it to myself for a few days until one night we were in bed and I felt her hand rubbing on my vagina, it felt good so I pretend to be sleeping until she made her way placing her head between my thighs, I still pretended to be sleeping while I enjoyed it.

Eventually, I got up and she asks if I liked it, at first I shied away. Then I found myself being unable to resist her. So we both started sexually caressing each other.

After the experience I realize its naturally a part of me, So now I’m starting to understand my mother choice of lifestyle and wrote her an apology letter for the times I got mad at her when I found out she was Lesbian.

I love my lifestyle and my mommy.


Experience.  St Ann.

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