My Boyfriend Wants Every Woman He Encounters

Dear Mckoy,

I have been with my boyfriend for about six years and have one child. Throughout our relationship, I have known nothing but heartbreak. My boyfriend is a womanizer who has relationships with any woman that gets close to him, including his secretary who has his child. He also has a newborn child with one of our former helpers and he has been having an affair with a woman who lives next door our home.

The situation has been killing me. I have been trying to deal with the pain of all this betrayal and emotional abuse but I am not able to. I need help to deal with this and with him. I am not financially stable to support our child on my own otherwise I would have left a long time ago. Please advise me.


TB    Jamaica.


Dear TB: Your situation sounds very complicated, but this is a decision only you can make.

What I do advise is that you try talking with your boyfriend and address the situation however best you can.

Also, bear in mind that you have been living with the situation for a while and have also made him comfortable with it.


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