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Dear Mckoy: My Baby-Father and Boyfriend Keep Fighting Over Me

Dear Mckoy : My Baby-Father and Boyfriend Keeps Fighting Over Me I’m 24 years old and share two children with a man I use to love dearly. After the birth of our second child, he became very abusive, so it leads to us breaking off the relationship.

I then met my present boyfriend, who has been the breadwinner for me and my two children.  My baby father only comes around occasionally to give the children support and fight with my boyfriend, as he assumed I leave him for my boyfriend, so he claims my boyfriend should take care of the children.

Since I have been with my present boyfriend, I feel stressed free and started looking more plump and refined. Ever since my changes in appearance my baby father has been making trouble with my boyfriend everywhere he sees him. He even comes to our house and lay waited for my boyfriend to fight him.

Now my boyfriend and I were at home and in our yard where he was playing with my children and my baby father came and saw him playing with the children and used a chair to hit him. My boyfriend is not a trouble-making or aggressive person but will fight. He’s very loving to me and my children, and makes us very happy.

Now, because he keeps interfering with my boyfriend I had to report him, so now he’s in lock up, his family and friends are saying I’m wicked to lock him up.
As if I should allow him to kill my boyfriend or robbed me of my family and happiness.

K.B.    Trewlany.

Dear K.B: You have done the right thing, by getting out of the abusive relationship with your children father. That is a great decision you have made and every other women that is living in an abusive relationship should make. What you have done by reporting him was also the right thing to do.  Let the law deal with him.  Don’t pay attention to the negative utterance of his friends or family.  You did  what was right for your family.

What I do suggest is that you take out a restraining order against him.  You can speak with a police personnel for further details on how to go about it. Continue to be strong and keep saying No to Abuse.

Best Wishes

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