MVPs Mavado And Jahmiel Show Off Real Estate And Private Jet

Dancehall artistes Mavado and Jahmiel are showing off their successes and accomplishments on the gram

Fresh from their recent mix-ups with incarcerated dancehall mogul Vybz Kartel, the two MVP deejays shared glimpses at their very luxurious lifestyles in two Instagram posts today.

Mavado, 38, gave over 200,000 of his fans a sneak peak at what looks like luxury apartments under construction. The video, which played his recently released track ‘Life‘, transitions from side to side to show the complex situated on a hill in Jamaica.

“My Fans this is a few of my Goals.. This is just a Tip of the ice.. Real Legendary Moves give thanks Jah jah”, Mavado wrote on Instagram alongside the short video.

He then asked his fans to guess what his next move would be.

Meanwhile, Jahmiel is giving his 432k Instagram followers a glimpse inside a private jet charter. Posted Monday, the video clip shows the Great Man deejay joined by his MVP colleagues Alkaline and Mavado. Touted as dancehall’s most valuable players, the clip shows the trio hanging out in the jet and sipping on Henne.

Jahmiel captioned the video, “we a lock the WORLD, dem a wanna be BOSS”.

Could they be showing off on the Worl’ Boss ?

Vybz Kartel is fond of showing off his streaming numbers, popularity and success on the charts, so the MVP seem to be showing off all the things Kartel cannot achieve from behind bars.

Vybz Kartel
Their fans and Kartel’s Gaza supporters certainly picked up on the subliminal message being sent.

“MVP a drink champagne pon a plane. Some man a cuss pon IG” said one user. “If world boss was out of jail he would be flying in three private plane lol”, joked another.

“In hindsight, people only try to compete with others they feel are their competition. The difference is MVP do it for the Love of the Art and Music, and will defend themselves if a challenge is ATTEMPTED!”, another supporter said.

One user suggested Jahmiel’s private jet video was fake since the world is on COVID-19 lockdown. He liken their antics to Bow Bow’s baller faux pass which resulted in the #BowWowChallenge in 2017.  The American rapper claimed to be passenger on the private jet, but was later caught flying commercial. “Plane deh no move all now. 3 a unuh claim big artist n between the 3 a unuh a 4 album altogether”, the user said.

Other fans pointed out that both videos were old and posted intentionally to troll Vybz Kartel.


Source: Dancehallmag

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