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St. James, Jamaica(McKoy)- MOUNT SALEM RESIDENTS TO BE PROVIDED WITH BIRTH CERTIFICATESOver 200 community members living within the Zone of Special Operations in the Community of Mount Salem in St. James are to be presented with Birth Certificates on Sunday, October 9th at a second Community Fair to be held in the area. During a meeting in Montego Bay on Sunday, September 3, 2017, Prime Minister Andrew Holiness promised that at the start of the first Community Service Fair, (which was held on Saturday, September 9th in  the community of Mount Salem.) Persons will see positive results from the Zone of Special Operations Social Intervention programs.


At the launch of the Community Service Fair, hundreds of community members came out and participated in the program which was held on the grounds of the Mount Salem Primary and Junior High School. These series of Community Fairs are being supervised by the Social Intervention Committee with a number of Government Agencies facilitating the provision of IDs, TRN cards and Birth Certificates.


After the Fair (which was held in September) community members said they welcomed the government teams, which included officers from the RGD, EOJ, Tax Office, Health Department, SDC and HEART Trust. The Prime Minister had previously stated that following the Community Fair he expected each person within the Mount Salem Zone of Special Operation area to have proper identification and birth documents. It is now believed that the Authorities have reaped great success in implementing the Zone and also with the hosting of the Community Fair.

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