Mount Salem Residents Disgruntled Over Release of Incorrect Crime Statistics

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Mount Salem Residents Disgruntled: Residents within the Mount Salem Zone of Special Operations say they are now demanding a public apology from the Police High Command following a quote by a Deputy Commissioner of Police that a total of 54 murders have been committed within the community since 2017.

The community members say they are very upset with the Crime Statistics that was released by the high Ranking Officer between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

According to them, the Statistics which was quoted by Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake that a total of 54 murders have been committed in Mount Salem since the start of 2017 is totally incorrect. This, according to them, has come as a shock.

Mount Salem Residents Disgruntled

They are now willing to accept the change being brought across by the Zone of Special Operations, however, they are not contented with the name of the area being tarnished. They say they are now demanding an apology from the Police High Command.

Investigations carried out by this reporter have revealed that since the start of the year a total of 198 murders have taken place in St James with just ten of those murders taking place in Mount Salem from January 1st, 2017 up to September 5th, 2017.

The Mount Salem Police falls into a zone of three which consists of Mount Salem, Amity Hall and Adelphi Police Stations. A total of 47 murders have taken place within those three policing zones since 2017 but the Mount Salem policing areas which consist of Mount Salem, Rose Mount, Rose Heights, Cornwall Courts and Farm Heights have registered a total of 34 murders.

DCP Blake is incorrect based on the correct stats which shows that only 10 persons have been murdered within the Zone of Special Operations since 2017.

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