Mount Salem Division Councillors Anticipates ZOSO Social Intervention

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Mount Salem Division Councillors: On Friday, August 1st, 2017 the Government of Jamaica declared the Zone of Special Operations in the Community of Mount Salem in St James. What most residents are not aware of is the community of Mount Salem is the only one of in western Jamaica, with two  Councilors.

Councillor Richard Vernon who represents the Jamaica Labor Party and Kerry Thomas who represents the People’s National Party. Both Councillors say they welcome the government’s move of establishing the Zone of Special Operations and that they are now anticipating the  Social Intervention Phase. This is the Phase where residents can relate freely to members of the security forces and with residents from other sections of the community without fear of violence.

Mount Salem Division Councillors

The Councillors stated that since Friday they have carried out several tours in the Mount Salem community and they eagerly anticipate the Social Intervention phase of the Zone of Special Operations.

Since Tuesday morning the Joint Security Forces has eased the tension somewhat on the residents of the community, who are allowed to move about more freely now. According to Councillor Thomas, from day one residents were not held against their will, but there were rules that they needed to follow. Over the past four days, the professionalism of the security personnel have resulted in gradual success in the relationship between themselves and the residents.

Councillor Vernon, on the other hand, stated that earlier this year the community of Mount Salem was rocked with a number of gang flare ups and murders, and residents are now thankful that they can move about much more freely, without having to be in fear of being harmed.

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