Motorists tired of Shettlewood Bad Roads

Several motorists who travel in Hanover have asked the relevant authorities to fix Shettlewood’s main road in the parish as it is in a deplorable state.
As a result of the road, motorists have had an increase in their medical and motor vehicle bills as
roads are riddled with potholes.
A motorcyclist known as Levan said he was recently travelling on the main road around 8 pm
when his bike dropped in a pothole.
This resulted in him being thrown from his bike but was lucky enough to escape with non-life-
threatening injuries. He laments that if nothing is done about the road urgently, then more people
could be at risk for serious injuries.
But he is not the only person who has been affected, as persons now take a longer time to reach
their destination. This has affected motorists who use the road to travel from Montego Bay to
Savanna la Mar, Westmoreland.

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