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Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – A police officer attached to the Montego Bay Freeport station in St. James was admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in serious but stable condition after he was allegedly mowed down by a motorist in Montego Bay on Saturday Night.

The motorist who was shot and injured by another policeman, as he allegedly attempted run over a second police officer, is also presently at the hospital under police guard.

Reports by the police are, that shortly after 7:30pm on Saturday the accused driver was driving through the Hopewell Community when he was signaled to stop by two policemen on traffic duties.

The driver did not comply and immediately sped away, the officers called for back up from the Freeport police who staged a roadblock at the stop light in the vicinity of Appliance Traders located along the Bogue Stretch of the North Coast highway.

The driver was again signaled to stop and this time he used the vehicle to mow down one of the policemen.

He was in the process of running over another police officer when one of the officers drew his service pistol and

shot him in the regions of his lower body.

Both the wounded officer and the motorist were transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they were admitted.

Highway and Montego Bay environs traffic was backed up for hours as the commotion of one man using his vehicle as a weapon unfolded.

The police say so far it has been discovered that the motor car was not licensed.

Henry Bucknor – Special Investigator

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