Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- MORE MURDERS IN GRANGE HILL WESTMORELAND: The police in the parish of Westmoreland say they have now stepped up patrols and police presence in the Grange Hill area this following a series of shootings and murders which have taken place over the past few weeks.
Investigators also pointed out that they are still unable to say what as triggered this sudden flare-up of violence in the Grange Hill area. The latest victim to be killed in the area has been identified as Daniel Anthony Lawrence 21 years old laborer also of Grange hill.
Reports by the police are that. About 11:00 am on Monday, September 25th Lawrence had gone to the Grange Hill station where he was ordered to report on a bail condition.

It is further reported that Lawrence had just signed in at the station and was walking along the roadway when he was approached by two men who brandished handguns and opened fire hitting him all over his body.
The men then made their escape in the area. The police who were not far away rushed to the scene and upon arrival, the wounded man was transported to the Sav la Mar Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Our news team also learned that this is the second time that the deceased has been shot by gunmen. During the first incident which occurred in this area a few months ago Lawrence’s friend was also shot and killed.

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