Blood Bath In Salt Spring 2 Shot 1 Dead

St. James, Jamaica(Mckoy’s News)- Blood Bath In Salt Spring 2 Shot 1 Dead: Two men were shot in Salt Spring St. James on Sunday morning, one of whom is now dead. The deceased has been identified as Kemar Throught a 25 years old laborer of Quarry also in Salt Spring. The other man has since been admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in serious condition.

Reports by the Freeport Police are that. Shortly after 11:00 am on Sunday, September 24th, 2017 Throught and the other man were unloading some items from a truck which was parked alone the Salt Spring main road. Minutes later they were ambushed by a group of heavily armed men who opened fire on them.

Both men received gunshot wounds to the upper regions of their bodies and were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where Throught was pronounced dead upon arrival and the other man admitted.

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