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Montego Bay Business Owners Complain of Garbage Pile-up

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Montego Bay Business Owners Complain of Garbage Pile-up: On Tuesday morning December 12, 2017 several business operators in downtown Montego Bay, St James complained that their businesses were being hampered by piles of garbage left unattended around their places of business. After speaking with several of the disgruntled business operators we also caught up with the Mayor of Montego Bay, Homer Davis who told media representatives that he was not fully aware of a garbage pile up in Montego Bay but he will be looking into the matter in a bid to have it resolved within the next 24 hours.

One businessman who operates in the vicinity of St James and Union Street pointed out a large heap of rubbish that was dumped close to the entrance of his business. When asked for a reply, the Mayor related that this could be a fact as most of the trucks are very old and are constantly breaking down. He also mentioned that a number of these business operators in Montego Bay will hire various miscreants to dispose of their garbage and they in turn just dump the load along other areas of the town.

On Wednesday several truck drivers employed to Western Parks and Markets were seen working relentlessly in downtown Montego Bay to remove several loads of garbage.

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