Missing Teacher Found Dead at Home in Plum, St James

Latest Jamaica News, St James (McKoy’s News): Missing Teacher Found Dead Forty-three-Year-Old Nicolene Brown, the basic school teacher who was reported missing from her home since Saturday, January 25, was discovered dead inside her house at Plum district in Cambridge, St James, on Tuesday, January 28.

Brown who taught at the Winners Basic School on Cottage Road in Montego Bay, was reported missing by relatives at the Cambridge police station on Monday, and her decomposed body was found locked inside her house, on Tuesday afternoon.

Reports by the Cambridge police are that Brown was last seen alive on Saturday morning, about 9:30 a.m., after she visited a prayer meeting service held at a church in her community.

Later that day, she was allegedly seen by a neighbour leaving her house to an undisclosed destination, but the neighbour got suspicious and summoned family members after she noticed Brown’s house was left in total darkness that night.

An aunt of the deceased said she called her daughter and informed her that Brown was missing and the daughter, in turn, contacted Winners Basic School on Monday morning, but she was informed that Brown did not turn up for work.

Relatives return to her house on Monday and looked through a window, but they did not see anyone inside, so they journeyed to the Cambridge police station and filed a missing person report.

On Tuesday afternoon, the neighbor detected a foul odor coming from the directions of Ms. Brown’s house, and saw a trail of blood running from underneath her door, and raised an alarm.

The police reported that after they received the call, they went to the house, forced open the door and found the female in a seated position on her floor. Her body which was in a vast state of decomposition was removed to the morgue.

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