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Michael McLean, On Trial for Killing 6 in Thomas, Forced out of Court!


Jamaica News, January 5, 2018

Kingston, Jamaica  (Mckoy’s News) —  Michael McLean: As the trial continues this morning, Michael McLean, accused of the 2006 murder of six members of one St Thomas family, was unable to control his emotions and was subsequently removed by force from the courtroom, after he refused to compose himself.

McLean went on an unstoppable rant against a doctor who gave testimony that he was fit for trial. Calling the doctor wicked.

Michael McLean, a resident of St Thomas allegedly went on a killing spree between February 25 and 26, 2006, after he consulted with an Obeahman, about some food he had eaten from one of the victims. He was arrested in 2006 for the murders of 28-year-old Patrice George-McCool, her 3 children, Sean Chin 9-years, Jihad George-McCool 7-years, Llyod George-McCool 2.5-years and her Aunt who was the girlfriend of Michael McClean, Terry-Ann, 42 and 1 of her sons – Jessie O’gilvie 8.5-years.

Dr Derrik Jarrett, who states that was one of two physicians who had treated the accused in jail, began to update the court on the McLean’s physical medical status, when McLean became belligerent, shouting that this Dr. never treated him because he refused to be attended by Jarret.

He pointed that he was ill and another Dr. who did treat him in jail, told him to go to the Kingston Public Hospital this morning, but Dr Jarrett did not confirm what Mclean was stating.

Instead, Dr Jarrett told the court the Mclean was well enough to stand trial and that the medication he is taking to treat his physical problems will not affect him going forward in the trial.

McLean shouted that the Dr is wicked. And was then forced out of the courtroom.

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