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Mckoy’s Relationship Advisor: Signs You Can Trust Your Partner

World (McKoy’s News)- So ladies and gentlemen, you might be having trust issues with your man or woman. It is safe to say no one really knows what they are getting into when they enter a relationship, thanks to McKoy’s Relationhip Advisor this article will help enlighten your darkness.

  1. She shares all her feelings– She is never the type to hide anything from you. You don’t have to interrogate her in order to know how she is feeling. She shares her feelings constantly. If she is sad or angry you will know.


  1. She shares details of her day– She will tell you what she did all day from the moment she rolled out of bed to the moment she arrived at home and saw you. Details of her day are never vague or lacking. Her descriptions are always on point.


  1. He looks for every opportunity to touch you– You might just be walking together and he takes hold of your hand. You might be sad and he touches you on the cheek to make you feel secure. He might even be cleaning your face of a little string that no one would even notice just so he can touch you.


  1. You share a bank account– He or she has willingly saved with you, not questioning your loyalty. Maybe it was even their idea to start a shared or joint bank account.


  1. He drops everything to talk to you– He would be busy with work or doing anything else and he stops doing it just because you want to express yourself to him. You don’t have to be the one to ask him to pay attention to you. He is the one to take the initiative.


  1. She is willing to do anything to put you at ease– You might be stressed or tense, and she would do anything she knows you like, just to ease your mind, whether this means giving you a massage or having you spill your feelings to her. She becomes your pillar of strength.


  1. She let’s you do the talking– She respects you to the point where you could be venting about how horrible your day was and she doesn’ interrupt you, or cut you off. She respectfully sits in silence and if you need her opinion, she might advise it,.


  1. His questions do not seem like an interrogation– When he asks you a question you don’t feel as if you are a prisoner and he is a police officer questioning you. You feel secure and safe answering his questions, and have no fear he might lash out at you.


  1. You have access to her phone– No matter where you are or what time it might be, you always are able to access her phone, whether she has given you her passcode or she leaves her phone unlocked. She is always ok with you answering her phone no matter who it is.


  1. Your conversations always feel natural– You never feel awkward when you are having a conversation and it flows. A good liar knows that fibbers supposedly can’t look you in the eyes, so a deceitful partner might try to overcompensate by looking you straight in the eyes.


Please keep posted for more advice from McKoy’s Relationship Advisor. Next Week Article will be Clues for Spotting a Liar. McKoy’s Relationship Advisor invites you to email your  concerns to


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