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Mavado Son to Return to Court This Wednesday

Jamaica Crime News: The murder trial against the 16 year old teenage son of dancehall entertainer Mavado will continue this Wednesday when the teen will make his third appearance in Court since he has been charged over three weeks ago.

The charges against him got worst during his last appearance in Court on Wednesday June 27th where it was made note that a given statement by  the witness who is also his co-accused stated that,  the 16 year old,  accused alleged gave orders to behead the deceased Lorenza Thomas.

The 16 year old teenager denied the allegations which are said to be the statements of the witness who is also his co-accused 23 year old Andre Hinds. Both accused who are facing the Court on charges of murder, arson, conspiracy to murder, shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm. The 16 year old, teenager is being represented by Attorneys Bert Samuels who stated that he will continue to file for bail on Wednesday. Hinds is being represented by Attorney Kemar Robinson

The son of the dancehall artist is currently being held at the Matcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre in Kingston and he and his co-accused have been charged with the murder of Lorenza Thomas, 23 year old, unemployed of Cassava Piece on Tuesday June 5th.

Four other members of Mavado family, which includes his brother, were also taken in custody for questioning in connection with the shooting and later released. Recently, dancehall artist Mavado along with his teenage son and four other members of his family found themselves under the police radar following a flare up of violence in the Cassava Piece area. Mavado was also asked to turn himself over to the Constant Spring police for questioning but he is yet to do so.   The police took all five persons into custody following the murder of, Lorenza Thomas otherwise called (Israel of Trullups), 23 year old, unemployed of Cassava Piece.

Reports by the police are that, about 2:30 am, Thomas was at his home when armed men kick open the door to his house. The men attacked Thomas and shot him multiple times. The victim was also chopped and then his attackers set his body and his house on fire. The flare up in Cassava Piece is said to ignite on Saturday morning of June 2nd, following a dispute between Mavado and another man from the area.

The dancehall artist, whose real name is David Brooks, reportedly slap the man in his face as a retaliation from an incident between the man and the said 16 year old son, but minutes later he nearly lost his life when his motor car was shot up by the same man with whom he had the conflict and two other men.

Following the incident Mavado is said to have left the country for the United States and law enforcement officers are now saying he is still expected to come in to the police. During that said period a man who was identified as Ian Robinson otherwise called Gaza Man, and who was an alleged close friend of the DJ, was shot and killed  in the vicinity of the Constant Spring Market . 


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