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Mavado Gets Graphic With New Track, ‘On My Mind’

Mavado has some things on his mind and they’re not for the faint of heart. In fact, they are extremely explicit thoughts that he’s decided to share with his fans and by extension Dancehall lovers.

He’s summed them up in his latest track On My Mind, which was produced by DJ Frass Records. The song was released yesterday on YouTube.

Mavado, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks, makes his intentions known from the very beginning of the tune as he sings: “The gal with the tight p—- on my mind, me wah f@#k her a whole 10 000 times.”

It’s a little different from his typical delivery and he uses more vocals on this track. It has more of a melodic flow to it. As the song progresses the lyrics get more explicit as well. It seems clear that the artiste intended to make fans stop and take notice of his devious intentions.

He describes in detail how he intends to deal with the woman that he desires at the moment. In one line of the track he sings: “h-rny and yuh wah have fun wine pon it till yuh buss the c-ndom. She ready fe do anything when she c-m.”

These lyrics are actually tame compared to the rest of the descriptions he vividly gives in the song. The track is raw and explicit and doesn’t hold anything back from the imagination.

Fans seem to be appreciative in the comments with some even making up scenarios surrounding the track.

This fan said: “My next door neighbour just heard me playing this song, and guess what ? She smashed my window with a brick because she wanted to know which artist is this ?! And I told her #mavadogully,” and another added: “Legendary gully gad nutten fake original we deal wid sing fi the ladies mi artist.”

This fan praised the entire MVP unit:” Mavado – Alkaline– Jahmiel – MVP HiTs in Every Category.”

Even though not all fans seemed to think the song was hot. This fan said: “Boring smh u need to done with Djfrass him a full sellout,” and another added: “Fa real he needs some new song writer or something but this is boring.”

However the negative comments were few and far in between and Mavado’s appeal continues to grow to Dancehall fans around the world, especially in Europe, like this fan who said: “Mavado are di greatist   . Leffa like greets from Holland Amsterdam,” and this fan: “My Jamaica boss am a Nigerian chatting italy Venice boss gully.”

The general consensus among the over 800 comments seems to indicate that this one will be another hit for the Gully Gad.

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