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Manchester Police Corporal Still in Serious but Stable Condition after Receiving Blood

Jamaica Crime News, Manchester: The police in the parish of  Manchester have reported that the Corporal who was viciously attacked and chopped severely to his face, by an alleged mentally challenged man on Tuesday morning, of April 18,  is presently still in serious but stable condition after receiving blood at a medical institution in Kingston over the weekend.

On Friday, April 20, it was made public that the wounded police Corporal, Oraine Boothe who hails from the parish of Manchester, was badly in need of blood and an appeal was made for persons to volunteer and donate blood in his favor.  Following the appeal, several persons came forward and donated blood in aide of the wounded cop.

Our news team also learnt that Corporal Boothe may have to undergo facial reconstruction surgery in the next few days.

About 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Corporal Boothe left the Christiana Police Station on his service motorcycle and was carrying out regular traffic duties in the busy township area of Christiana.

The police Corporal was in the process of riding pass the alleged mentally challenged man who attacked the officer with a machete and inflicted several chops to his face.

The wounded cop jumped from the motorcycle and ran to avoid being chopped repeatedly, but he was chased by the armed man who chopped at him continually.

The policeman was rescued by several angry residents who turned on the accused man and managed to disarm him.  The wounded police was rushed to hospital by residents.  The Corporal was in critical condition and was later airlifted to a medical facility in Kingston.

Minutes following the incident, gunshots rang out at another section of the area.  Up to press time, it was not clear as to who fired the gunshots, but our news team was informed that a man was shot and also had to be rushed to hospital.

Our news team also learnt that a number of residents then focused their attention on the accused man and he was severely beaten and later handed over to the Christiana Police who later placed him in lockup.


By Henry Bucknor

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