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Man on Wounding and Attempted Robbery Charges Gave Unsworn Evidence

Jamaica News, April 6, 2018- Man on Wounding and Attempted Robbery Charges

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – A St. James man who allegedly tried to rob a man and inflicted knife wounds to him, gave an unsworn statement in the St. James Parish Court on Tuesday.

The accused, Derrick Mitchell is facing charges of assault with intent to rob and unlawful wounding where it is alleged that he attempted to rob a man before inflicting knife wounds to him. The incident reportedly took place on September 9, 2017.

On March 16, Detective Sergeant Michael Chisholm, who is attached to the Criminal Investigation Branch (C.I.B.) at the Mount Salem Police Station, and who reportedly charged the accused man, gave sworn evidence.

On Tuesday, Mitchell chose to give a statement from the prisoner’s dock where he told the court that he was walking on Strand Street when he was attacked and chopped by two men. In an attempt to defend himself, he said he swung a knife at them and fled the scene but could not say which of the men got stabbed.

He said he was assisted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital and whilst waiting to receive stitches, a police constable approached him and informed him about a report being made against him regarding a disturbance at the hospital.

He said he was then taken to the Mount Salem Police Station where he spoke with Sergeant Chisholm who told him of the report. He said he tried to explain to the sergeant that he could not give him a statement due to his condition but the sergeant refused to take the statement and informed him that he was going to place him in custody on suspicions of robbery with violence.

Thereafter, he said he was taken to the Barnett Street lock-up and was taken back to the hospital the next day where he received stitches to his arm before he was transported back to the Barnett Street lock-up.

The clerk-of-court, however, told Parish Judge Sandria Wong-Small that the main concern was the issue of credibility.

Having outlined certain points, the clerk said Mitchell’s version of events were not credible and asked that the judge find him guilty without a reasonable doubt.

Mitchell’s attorney Noel Butler then indicated to the court that the prosecution had not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt and highlighted certain points.

The matter was then set for continuation on April 30 when the judge will give her verdict.

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