Man Killed in St. Ann, Teenager Chopped in the Head

A man who is believed to be of unsound mind is now in police custody after chopping a man to death and wounding a teenager in St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann on Friday.

The deceased has been identified as 56-year-old Delroy Smith of Gully Road, St Ann’s Bay.

It is being reported that Smith was sitting at a shop when he was approach by the man who was wielding a machete. The man used the weapon to inflict wounds on Smith, who immediately ran. He was chased and chopped repeated by his attacker.

A teen who was walking along the roadway was also attacked and chopped in his head.

The man, thereafter, fled the scene.

The police were alerted and the two victims rushed to the hospital when Smith died and the teen admitted in stable condition.

Following an initial probe, the alleged attacker was apprehended on Saturday morning.

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