Man Found Stabbed and Shot to Death in Bed, at Seaforth Town, St Thomas

Latest Jamaica News, St Thomas (McKoy’s News): The St Thomas police are carrying out investigations surrounding the death of a man, whose body was discovered with multiple stabs, and gunshot wounds in his bed, at Seaforth Town, St Thomas, on Tuesday, March 24.

The deceased has been identified as 23-year-old Ricardo Smith, otherwise called “Prince” a laborer of Capture Land community, also in Seaforth Town.

Reports by the police are that the body was discovered by his sister who had gone to visit him, after she last saw him about 8:00 p.m., on Monday night.

Upon entering the premises, she found him lying in a pool of blood in bed and raised an alarm, followed by which the police were summoned.

Upon the arrival of the lawmen, it was discovered that the victim had multiple chop and stab wounds. The scene was processed, and the body removed to the morgue for a post mortem examination.

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