Lisa Hanna may Run for PNP President

Lisa Hanna has revealed that she is thinking of entering the race to succeed Dr Peter Phillips as President of the People’s National Party (PNP).

The four-term Member of Parliament for South East St Ann made her position known today. This came after a Bill Johnson Poll said she was favored by a plurality of voters who were asked who should succeed Dr Peter Phillips, as leader. He has offered his resignation following the massive loss by the PNP in the September 3 General Elections.

The poll done between September 11 and 13, was commissioner by the Jamaica Observer and published today.

According to the poll, Hanna emerged on top of the group of likely PNP personalities favored to be selected leader to replace Dr Phillips. According to the polls, respondents gave their support thus: Hanna 20 percent, Mark Golding 10 percent, Peter Bunting eight percent and Damion Crawford four percent.

In a release reacting to the polls, Ms Hanna said “the poll, done ten days ago, is heartening but it is equally humbling.”

She said she has begun a process of consultation with senior party members, critical party groups and affiliates as well as individuals as part of taking a decision on whether to offer herself as leader.

Hanna said she would announce her decision after the meeting of the Party’s NEC on Sunday, September 27, when decisions will be made about choosing a new leader. She said “this was indeed an important moment for what is the Caribbean’s most enduring political movement.”

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