Life Pak Foundation – Providing Housing, Medical Care for Persons with Intellectual and Physical Disability

About Life Pak Foundation

Life Pak Foundation was formed in May 2014 and was registered in November 2016. The foundation consists of a group of medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other volunteers, with an aim to improve the health, economic and social conditions of indigent children, the elderly, incarcerated target groups and persons with physical and intellectual disability throughout Jamaica. This goal is achieved through the collection and distribution of medical equipment, medicines, food, clothing, personal items and monetary gifts and also by offering medical services, community health care and outreach programs to improve the well-being of persons in communities across Jamaica who may find it difficult to access quality health care services.

Left: Dr. Farin Williams – Naturopathic Specialist, Center: Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen, Right: Dr. Yochel Samuels-Williams- Medical doctor

Within the past five years, we have volunteered with other organizations, such as, St John’s Ambulance, Special Olympics Jamaica, Special Olympics Belize, nursing homes, infirmaries, and other health and economical groups with similar objectives.

We still work closely with St John’s Ambulance and Special Olympics Jamaica, as a medical response team in case of emergency. One of our doctors is a certified Clinical Coordinator for Special Olympics Jamaica. In February 2019, we received our official charitable status.

We are seeking the assistance of the international community in facilitating our aim to help in the improvement of our economy by enhancing the lives of persons living with physical and intellectual disability in the communities across Jamaica.

The hospitals and infirmaries in Jamaica are overwhelmed with social cases and many of these persons are disabled. There are also persons with disability who live on their own or with family and are unable to access proper health care and are not being properly cared for. Many of these persons have the desire to work and sustain themselves and no longer be a burden to society.

However, due to stigma and stereotype, they are often not hired. Many of these persons were not always fully dependent on others but because of their medical condition, limited education or lack of a good job, they are not able to afford to maintain themselves. Many caregivers have gotten overwhelmed with taking care of a person with a disability and this leads to them turning their backs on them and leaving them to fend for themselves.


Life Pak Foundation recognizes the many challenges of the disabled community. We want to offer a solution that removes the burden of care from family and the state and instead develop communities where disabled persons can sustain themselves and also get optimal health care. These communities will be self-sustaining and will be maintained by citizens and volunteers.

Life Pak Foundation has recognized these challenges and it is our intention to offer a solution that is feasible, affordable and accessible.

We will build small studio houses for the persons who are disabled and homeless. These houses will be in the vicinity of the medical facility for ease of accessing healthcare. Meals, medical care, baths, clothing and other forms of care will be provided for persons living at these homes without a cost. With the help of volunteers, caregivers will be assigned to persons who are unable to assist themselves. For persons who already have a caregiver, they will receive full support with whatever need arises.

In these communities, we will set up agro farms for cash crops such as potato, yam, dasheen, callaloo, carrot, onion and cabbage. There will also be the rearing of animals such as poultry and piggeries. This will serve as a source of employment for persons of the disability community who are able to work. This farm will also provide food for the persons of the community and thus making the entire project self-sustainable.

We will educate practices and encourage them to play part in maintaining their community. The persons housed on the compound will be given the opportunity for training in reading, writing, music, performing arts, dressmaking, farming and computer literacy. This will aid in their personal development and also improve their ability to get employment.

We will also have sporting facilities to encourage fitness and a sense of community. We will have a field to offer sports such as football and cricket. We also want to offer games such as domino and chess that will serve as both entertainment and stress relief. We will also have areas dedicated to parks and horticulture and this will be somewhere for residents to relax and unwind.

Directors: Dr. Yochel Samuels-Williams ( Medical doctor, Recipient of Governor-General Achievement Award 2019). Dr. Farin Williams- Naturopathic Specialist.

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