Lady Saw Net Worth 2020: From Queen Of Dancehall To Minister Marion Hall

For more than 20 years, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing the riddims of Lady Saw. She was a legend in her own right, and a legend in her own time. She called herself the Queen of the Dancehall and she earned her crown well.

But not long ago, she walked away from all of it to become a minister of Jesus Christ. And while, certainly, she is missed in dancehall — her unique sound was what made her so legendary, after all — she walked away for a good reason.

But how has that decision affected her bottom line? What is Lady Saw’s net worth in 2020? Let’s look at what we know.


Lady Saw Net Worth 2020

As of this writing on March 30, 2020, Lady Saw has a net worth of $500,000. She has made all of her money through royalties from her music, which she began from a very young age.

Lady Saw was born in Galina, in the St. Mary district of Jamaica. But after she started working at The Free Zone in Kingston, Jamaica, she linked up with all of the local sound systems and began her musical career in earnest. But her big breakthrough came when she started working with the Stereo One sound system, and this move kicked off a career that would last for more than 20 years.

Lady Saw got her name from the famous Jamaican singer Tenor Saw, whom she says inspired her music. Though her first single, “Love Me Or Lef Me,” made a few waves in dancehall, she really broke through into the dancehall with her single “If Him Lef.” She would then go on to top the charts with her song “Find a Good Man.”

Lady Saw would then go on to have a string of hit songs, including “Stab Up De Meat,” “Life Without Dick, “Name Nuh Stand Fi Sex,” “Give Me the Reason”, “Good Wuk”, and “Condom.”

Lady Saw is more than just a singer or a DJ. She is the originator of the so-called “Slackness” style of Jamaican music. Known for her raunchy, sexually explicit lyrics, Lady Saw used to say that “Slackness” often refers to vulgarity in Jamaican culture, behavior and the music. It always sums up the explicit sexual lyrics used in reggae and dancehall music. Because of this, several of her performances were banned in some parts of Jamaica, though equally lewd male performances were not.

For many mainstream American audiences, however, Lady Saw was best known for her appearance on the hit No Doubt song, “Underneath It All.” In 2001, she won a Grammy Award for her performance on the song, becoming the first female dancehall DJ to get the honor.

From Lady Saw to Minister Marion Hall
December 15, 2015, was a momentous day for Lady Saw; after she received a baptism, she stopped referring to herself as “Lady Saw” and became known as Minister Marion Hall. She then started recording Gospel music, and in 2018, she released her second Gospel album, His Grace.

Even though she is Lady Saw no more, her impact is still felt in dancehall, which is why she will continue to have a high net worth in 2020 and beyond.


Source: Dancehallmag

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