Lady Appealed for Bed at Hospital Before she Died

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Karen Scott, the mother of Ashandia Jones, is now in tears as she thought that her daughter died due to negligence on the part of the staffs at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay. She even harbours the thoughts that bad medication was administered to her daughter who she said died at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

On Sunday, June 24, she took her daughter who is 31 years old to the hospital, after she complained of feeling severe pain in her back and her feet. She said when she went to the hospital, no porter was there so the security on duty helped her to a wheelchair. A nurse then wrote a paper for her to be registered, after which, she gave her an injection to ease the pain.

Despite administering the injection, Ashandia kept complaining about the pain, which was getting more severe. The doctor then sent her, along with her daughter, to do an ultrasound. When she came back they administered a second dose of injection to ease the pain.

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On Monday morning, Ashandia’s tummy and feet started showing signs of swelling at a rapid pace. Miss Scott then began appealing to the nurses and Doctors to come and assist her daughter, as the pain and swelling, to both her feet and tummy, were becoming unbearable. She said all her appeals fell on deaf ears, because she continued getting excuses from the nurses and doctors that Ashandia was not on their clinic, as doctors do specialize with different form of body sickness.

Despite the excuses, she kept appealing to the doctors and nurses that it was indeed an emergency, and they kept ignoring her pleas. Her daughter was in a chair for two days, even though she made several appeals for a bed. She said she had to put a box under her feet, so she can stretch it out for some comfort. After making several attempts to save her daughter’s life, Ashandia, unfortunately, died on Tuesday.

She is calling on the Minister of Health, Christopher Tufton, to investigate the operation of staffs at the Cornwall Regional hospital, as she strongly believed that negligence was the cause of her daughter’s death, and many more people may suffer the same agony. Prior to Ashandia’s death, they took a photo of her in the wheelchair at the hospital.


By: Alan Lewin

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