King Chavez Family Legacy

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- King Chavez Family Legacy: Many people may not know that Montego Bay fast-rising singer King Chavez is from a family that consist of many well-established singers from the second city. Hailing from the community of Canterbury in St. James his mother Michelle Smith was very popular on the hotel circuit doing cabaret shows at Holiday Inn. Also, his Father Carl Johnson and uncle Conroy Smith are just two of his other family members.
In the latter part of the 2000 season, he was living in the States but came home now to do songs trying to make a name for himself. Some of his songs include; More Life Serenity, Beautiful Black woman, and Change Mi Life. To date, he only has one music video to his credit which is Beautiful Black woman. Some of the shows he appeared on were The Montpelier Agricultural show and the St. James High concert which also features Mackie Conscious, Nature and Mycowave.
Christened, Travoy Johnson, his main hope is to make a big name for himself and hope to get a Grammy in the next five years as he now seeks a manager to help him with his music career.‘I want to thank my mother and father for the help they have been giving me over the past years, and the sky is the limit and the music fraternity can look out for good things.’said King Chavez.

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