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K D Knight Tells Comrades “Leave The Court Battle To Me”

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- K D Knight Tells Comrades “Leave The Court Battle To Me”: Senator K D Knight of the People’s National Party (PNP) told Comrades in Annotto Bay, St. Mary that he is ready (if and when necessary) to go to battle with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in court.

Senator Knight, who is one of the Queens Counsel, was speaking with reference to statements (apparently made by the ruling party) that a court battle could develop if Dr. Shane Alexis, the PNP candidate for the St. Mary South East constituency win the by-election scheduled for Monday.

According to Senator Knight, radio talk shows have been bustling with talks of Alexis’ eligibility to sit in Parliament. I hear dem pon radio a run up dem mouth. Mek dem gwaan talk. Comrades leave the court battle to me! Just go out and vote,” Knight said at the PNP’s mass rally which was underway on Friday night at the St. Mary South Eastern constituency.


Alexis recently announced that he has applied for Jamaican citizenship.

The constitution of Jamaica allows citizens of a Commonwealth country living in Jamaica for a year to sit in Jamaica’s Parliament.


Contributed By: Nichola Panton

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