Janet Jackson: Post-baby Bod Gets Nod From Fellow Celeb Mom

(Yahoo Style) – Janet Jackson, 51-year-old empress of the Rhythm Nation gave birth to her first child Eissa just about 8 months ago. Now that Ms. Janet Jackson is out and about for the launch of her new concert tour, folks are finally getting a look at what kind of shape she is in. Fans from all over the world, as it turns out, are amazed at what they’ve seen. No less than Kim Kardashian — not unfamiliar with the travails of a post-baby body in the public eye — gave Jackson a public shout-out today.

Posting a pic from the Lafayette, Louisiana, leg of Jackson’s State of the World tour, Kardashian simply stated, “Wait can we take a minute to appreciate @JanetJackson and how amazing she looks after JUST having a baby!!!!”

Eight months seems like a decent amount of time to get a body back in shape — especially for a person of Jackson’s means — with the added motivation of going on a world tour. Regardless, the bounce-back and shape-up Jackson revealed are remarkable.

In between fans suspecting plastic surgery in the mix — in particular on Kardashian’s Twitter feed — plenty of people decided to look at Jackson’s post-baby body reveal as inspiration and testament to Jackson’s strength and presence as a pop icon.

She looks ‘amazing’ because of post baby plastic surgery- pathetic that our young women idolize false gods like the Kardashians & Jackson’s

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