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Jamaica lost the voice of Politics: Peter Abrahams Dead at 97

St Andrew, Jamaica (McN) – Jamaican “adopted’, South African born Peter Abrahams Deras, commonly known as Peter Abrahams is dead at age 97.

“Peter Abrahams March 19, 1919 – January 18, 2017”

Abrahams was found dead in his Red Hills, St. Andrew home yesterday.

Peter Abrahams was a world icon who brought life to Jamaica’s political arena, as a political commentator, journalist and broadcaster. Peter was born and raised in the Vrededorp neighbourhood near Johannesburg, South Africa. He left South Africa at age 20 for London, England where he first worked as a sailor before branching into journalism.

It was writing that brought Peter to Jamaica. As he made his name in Britain and South Africa – as a prolific novelist and writer – the British government commissioned him to write a book on their then island, Jamaica. He settled in Jamaica in 1956, and continued his occupation as a novelist, journalist, and political commentator.

With his early literary work, Peter Abrahams fought against racism and apartheid in South Africa.

Peter was awarded the Musgrave Gold Medal for his writing and journalism by the Institute of Jamaica.

Jamaica has lost the voice of politics in Jamaica and around the world. Peter is “grandfather” to many iconic journalist and commentators who followed him.

The world will celebrate the life of Peter Abrahams as one of South Africa’s most prominent writers on political and social issues, especially  those involving racism.

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