Jahmiel Has Fans Begging For More In This IG Preview Of A New Single

Described as one of Jamaica’s most versatile Dancehall artistes, Jahmiel took to Instagram recently in a highly emotive video, which has fans wondering if this could possibly be his next release.  Watch it below.

His facial expression, hand movements, and the beat of the song appeal to the emotions of his listeners as Jahmiel criticizes the existing status quo in his quest to speak the truth. By speaking the truth, many he claimed would rather see him dead.

“Me know dem after me head, know dem wah see me dead, know dem do a baggah tings fi [email protected]%k up mi meds,” he deejays.

In this roughly 30 second video, he alluded to being different from other artistes in the industry who are all about popularity and making it on the charts. Rather he is about speaking the truth. “Me nuh business bout promotion, me nuh care bout chart, me just ah talk how me feel, me ah keep it real. As a musican me deh yah fi mek people heal.”

Described as ‘the light in the dark,’ he made it clear that he has strong belief in the supernatural power of prayer. “Ah Jah give me strength, yeah me see di pretense. Memba Jah inna me name, me mek the devil repent…Ah nuff lose dem way, but me naw stop pray.” His song continued.

This short video is loaded with strong lyrical content and has fans begging for more. Even popular singer Lila Iké dropped a comment in support of it.

Frankly, it was all praises for Jahmiel on the preview, which gained over 47,000 views in 15 hours.

“Never disappoint me yet this tune I can relate too,” said one Patriotz fan.  Another added, “See yah put yuh soul inna da one yah great don”

“Bro mi nah lie this is the hardest [email protected] I heard since DMX IN THR 90s,” said another.

Jahmiel rose to prominence with the internationally acclaimed Gain the World in 2015. Other well-known songs by this artiste are Years to Come, which was released in 2016, and Strongest Soldier in 2017.

Jahmiel continues to add an intriguing flavor to the Jamaican reggae/dancehall scene and should not be underestimated. Let’s keep a close watch on this one. It may just be the next big hit.


Source: Dancehallmag

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