Jackie French is Dead

Jackie French, a resident of William Street in Montego Bay, died last weekend in the Falmouth Hospital.

It has been reported that she was on lower Barnett Street when two men called out to her.

Subsequently, as they were talking it is understood that an argument started amongst them and the men shot her. She ran away from the scene, but she did not reach far as her injuries were too severe.


During the aftermath of the incident, the police were summoned. When they arrived, they transported Jackie to the Falmouth Hospital and shortly afterwards she went into a coma for a week. She succumbed to her injuries while she was at the Falmouth Hospital last weekend.

It is understood that she is also a resident of Spanish Town, St. Catherine but while she stays in Montego Bay, she works at a bar on lower Barnett Street.

The police have not determined the motive for her death.


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