abducted Hanover woman

J$100,000 Reward for Abducted Hanover Cashier from Prospect

Prospect, Hanover (McN) — The Hanover woman that was abducted on January 9th from her workplace, following the shooting death of her boss – has still not been found.

Police are offering a J$100,000 reward for information assisting their investigations. 

Missing is 32-year-old Tasha Gordon of Cauldwell, Hanover. According to the Hanover Police, although the search for Gordon has been reduced by the police, this is an active investigation to find her.

Gordon was allegedly abducted after gunmen shot and killed her employer, businessman Marvin McIntosh, at his grocery shop where she was a cashier in Prospect Square, Green Island.

Reports are, about 8:30 pm on January 9, residents of Prospect heard rapid exploding noises and called the police. McIntosh’s body was discovered lying face down on the floor, his hands were bound and there were wounds in his head, alleged to be gunshot wounds.

An immediate community and police search commenced after her abduction. Police Canine dogs led the search to nearby a cane field where J$9,000 was found and a pair of slippers belonging to Gordon. There has since been no other trace of the abductee.

Deputy superintendent of Police for Hanover, Arthel Colley told the press that a  J$100,000 reward is being offered for information that can assist their investigations.

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