Intence’s New Song ‘Dry Eye’ Sounds Alot Like This Alkaline Hit

Dancehall artiste Intence has released an unrestrained official video for his new song Dry Eye which some fans believe was inspired by one of Alkaline’s biggest hits. The visuals for Dry Eye, filmed and edited by Lonewolf Filmz, were released just yesterday May 15th.

Many fans, while appreciative of the track and spicy visuals, seem to find that there is an uncanny resemblance to Alkaline’s 2014 hit Things Take Time. Intence’s popularity has been growing in recent months, especially with the younger generation of dancehall lovers and many have noticed that his sound is quite close to that of Alkaline’s.

Dry Eye seems to be clearly inspired by Things Take Time with the same type of repetition being employed in the chorus in addition to a similar sounding beat.  However, Intence puts his own touch on it and in so doing can probably expect it to be well-received like many of his recent releases, including Fire First, dropped just 4 days ago, Yeng, Question, Dawg Dem and Right Or Wrong – all of which received the video treatment.

The new video shows that Intence will not be holding back much. It’s extremely raw and the opening shot is of a model licking a shower door before moving on to a scene in a swimming pool where he seems to be commanding a group of women to come to him. He feeds one with a giant lollipop, no doubt sexual innuendo is implied here.

Intence seems to be issuing a warning to young men to be wary when choosing their female companion. He describes a woman who is into him but lies to the other men she is with suggesting that she’s unfaithful and probably a player.

“Nothing she nah like like man weh tell lie,” he sings.

The song’s lyrics are immensely descriptive, leaving little to the imagination. At one point in the video he sings praise to the woman, saying that she is “one of the realest” because she’s also willing to sleep with other women.  Another part of the video shows a short kiss between ‘his girl’ and another woman as they all later share a bed.

Several other hot scenes feature throughout the video as he tries to drive home his point that this woman is loyal to him even though one of the scenes features a proposal from another man, which she accepts.

Alkaline’s message was a little different in 2016 as he seemed to be telling the woman he loved that she will understand his desires in time. Intence clearly doesn’t have that problem in his video but both videos share that similar theme.

The first commenter on the video picks up on the similarity in styles of the videos and songs: “Alkaline: things take a likkle time ….. Intence : yea man she get dry eye now,” and another fan added: “This is so much like ‘things tek time’ can see say intense really rate di detta boss… big up uself dj”.

One fan said nothing was wrong with the borrowing of Alkaline’s style and jokingly added: “nth nuh wrong if it sound like a alkaline song the man still hard….things did tek time……now she dry eye ,” and another fan agreed: “Lol di dawg a real alkaline fan…mi like how him show alkaline respect…nuff artist out deh rate alkaline and na come up with the Tru…DETTA WAY.”

It comes as no surprise that Intence would model Alkaline as he’s always said he respected the Vendetta family.

Watch Dry Eye below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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