Intence Strongly Denies Allegations That He Got A ‘Schoolgirl’ Pregnant

Rising dancehall deejay Intence, who has been shooting up in popularity for about a year, is now trying his best to fan the flames of a social media scandal that allegedly involves a schoolgirl.

The individual, who has not yet proven to be a real person, used a fake Instagram account, to claim that she was pregnant for the 25-year-old deejay, whose real name is Tashawn George Gabbidon.

The drama began on May 26, during Intence’s Instagram Live session, when a curious comment popped up which read: “IM PREGNANT. 3 months. You have blocked me from calling. Please respond.”

Intence is in a committed relationship with Dancing Rebel, a member of Team Spice’s dance team, and the two often use social media to share their love with fans. At first, there was no response from Intence following the allegation but it seems the rumor machine was too much for him and he’s finally broken his silence on the issue.

The person using the account would later reveal that she is supposedly 16-years-old and said she is being supported by her mother and sister. She detailed what she claims happened and on the Instagram account eventually announces that her phone was going to be confiscated by her parents.

She also apologised for using someone else’s photo on the fake account but said she simply wanted to get his attention on the alleged situation.

In an Instagram Live yesterday, Intence flatly denied the allegations saying that firstly he knows better than sleeping with someone in his car. He added that these types of allegations come with fame as “everyday a sumtin new bout me.”

A visibly perturbed Intence continues that there are so many adult women that he could have and that he had no reason to be with a “likkle pickney.”

His feelings on the matter are quite strong as well, as he added that in his opinion any adult man who would do such a thing “ah go dead.” He also said that if the allegations were true the girl’s mother would have gone to the police about them a long time ago.

The allegations were fabricated to distract him from focusing on his music, he added.

Intence then reveals to fans that he will be releasing a lot of new music in the near future before he once again denied the allegations.

It remains to be seen if that puts the issue to rest.


Source: Dancehallmag

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