Foota Hype Claims He Made Konshens’ ‘Do Sum’n’ A Hit. No Says Konshens.

Upon seeing the clip, Foota immediately laid claim to the success of the song, which was released in 2011 on the Heavy Walk Riddim.

“Another classic hit weh mi buss mi love dah video yah send mi it,” Foota wrote triumphantly.

His comment was countered by Konshens, who said that while he appreciated and acknowledged Foota’s contribution to the promotion and rotation of the song, it was a wide mixture of persons within the entertainment fraternity who propelled the tune and no single person.

“No fam… collective effort bus it, nuff djz and selectors including you, and CD mi team burn an gi ppl directly, plus the video and the DANCERS!!! But a Likkle Richie fire di fatal shot fi buss it a JA di real way,” Konshens told him.

“Uppa Guinness Sounds of Greatness him drop it pan dub, an mi phone explode!!  Dem time deh mi deh pan tour an di video done bus it out inna di world already,” the I’m Coming artiste added.

Despite Konshens’ explanation, Foota Hype insisted that the deejay was incorrect, and he was the champion who enabled the song to become a big dancehall rude-boy anthem.

“Everything weh mention above, including the video, a after me do di work memba a Uptown Mondays that buss.  A Witty daughter and her crew fuss tek on to it and gwaan bad and do bare money pull up and a di fuss that it a play, but u probably a sleep when that a gwaan.  But mi have 1 whole venue a witness.   Any forward weh u si a ketchup, and that’s a fact,” the Calabar High School old boy declared flatly.

It was then that Konshens, seemingly getting a little exasperated, decided to, in a most diplomatic manner, tactfully tell Foota, he was still being ridiculous.

“OK, my G… your versions of the stories are always fun to hear,” Konshens noted.

“However, the fact and results-driven version is as stated above, when EVERYBODY know it, when I have to put it in my set and either open the show or close wid it, when radio start play it hard and when local djz an selector start run mi dung fi di dub, is after Likkle Richie lif off Chinese Benevolent Centre roof wid it,” he added.

“That’s just the facts!! Your contribution to dancehall is rated highly, but surely u can recognize seh at times many others played great roles as well,” Konshens said.

Some of Konshens followers chose to ridicule Foota, claiming he had a habit of exalting himself and said they were happy that he was humbled by the Bruk Off Yuh Back deejay.

“Some people don’t know the difference between their little soapbox and a platform.   Hence they’re always trying to inject themselves into people’s business and making crazy claims on social media, and anywhere they think they can mislead a few young ones who don’t really know the truth,” one follower, backontn, said in his verbal barb aimed at Foota.

“They buss everybody of importance in dancehall yet they have to keep resorting to making easily disproved claims in order to buss themselves. Oh sorry, them buss already. Buss like water balloon cause nuh money nuh in deh a bare wata,” he added.

Another Konshens fan, fada_shaq, also questioned the veracity of Foota’s arguments, claiming it was the artistes who were doing the selectors like himself a favour and not the other way around, as their songs were the tools used by them to become popular and earn money.

“Foota Hype, if the artist don’t give you songs or riddim then what job would you have to do? What would you play in the parties. Bro you doing your job. You don’t need a medal to do your job. You not the one breaking any records, to which the selector replied: “tell the artiste voice and build di riddim and keep dem and nuh gi nuh selector and see if hungry nuh kill him and the song dem”.


Source: Dancehallmag

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