Innocent Man Lived with Dead Girlfriend for Days

Most likely caused by clouded judgement due to an unbelievable injury.
He lived with the body of his dead girlfriend for days before his capture and arrest. The perpetrator, backstabber, murderer, I bet you would assume.. but he was not. He was completely innocent.
On December 25, 2006, Ryan Waller and his girlfriend, Heather Kwan, were a two-party no-show to his parent’s house for dinner. This was unusual for the two. Not only did they randomly miss a planned dinner, they did not call the parents to give a warning and apology. The parents naturally grew concerned, and called the police and asked them to check on the couple.
Upon the cops’ arrival, they found Heather dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Ryan, on the other hand, was still alive, making him the lead suspect to this murder. Oddly, he had a black eye, which the police chalked up as a domestic dispute.
They put Ryan in the back of their car and examined the crime scene further. The clues they were searching far were all to arrest Ryan. Medics were brought in to examine Heather, while Ryan was waiting in the car. No one tended to his black eye, again, because they believed this was a domestic dispute where Heather tried defending herself and Ryan killed her.
The police finally took Ryan in for questioning and photos, but the police were barely able to comprehend the words that left Ryan’s mouth. It was obvious, however, that he was denying any part in the murder of his girlfriend.
Ryan then said he was shot in the eye, but the police did not believe. The officer said that Ryan could not be in custody if that were the case, as he would be dead. The policeman is not necessarily wrong for making such a bold statement. It is highly unlikely for someone to be shot in the head and survive, let alone losing an eye and still being able to function, a black eye being the only proof, and barely.
Throughout the interview, Ryan insisted that he was tired and needed to go home and get some rest. The cop warned him that would not happen anytime soon. Why would a murder suspect be released?
The interview continued and Ryan was still incomprehensible the entire time, however, some key details were mentioned, including another possible suspect: his former roommate Richie Carver shooting him. This claim was also ignored amongst the other strange things he uttered.
After six hours, the officer finally decided to take a look at Ryan’s eye. His demeanor changed from cold to caring as he discovered that Ryan had indeed been shot in the eye. He uncuffed Ryan and called for a medic. Ryan was then rushed to hospital where he, unfortunately, lost both eyes and a large part of his brain.
It was confirmed that Ryan was indeed shot in the face. Not once, but TWICE.
The police eventually arrested and convicted the former roommate Richie Carver for the murder, as well as his father Larry who aided the attack.
Ryan suffered many seizures from his injuries and died 10 years later at 28-years-old.

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