INDECOM Investigates Murder Case of Westmoreland Police Station Clerk

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) –   Murder Case of Westmoreland Police Station Clerk: A team from the INDECOM, Western Office and supervised by Chairman Errol Chateau have commenced an all-out investigation into  allegations that a senior police officer was the last person that was seen in the company of Shantel Wright, the 21-year-old station Data Entry Clerk who was employed to the Sav la mar police station in Westmoreland.

Mr Chateau pointed out that, over the past two days they have opened an investigation to determine if the police officer is implicated but, up to date the investigations are still wide open and so far the officer is not a suspect.

Following a heated two-day protest by the angry community and family members, the team from INDECOM met with the disgruntled residents and informed them that they are using all resources to get to the bottom of the murder.

(Henry Bucknor Photo) Angry Residents Protest – Westmoreland Police Station Clerk, Shantel Wright Murdered

The protesters used every form of debris they could get their hands on and blocked the main road which leads from Sav la mar through Little London and on to Negril.

They lashed out at the police, who they say are not carrying out the investigation in the community’s best interest. In the meanwhile, the police investigating team says are now working with some new leads into the death of the station Data Entry Clerk, and they expect to make an early breakthrough and bring whomever responsible to justice.

The Westmoreland police now have their hands full,  as several days ago, the body of a missing young woman was discovered buried in a tomb in the back room of her boyfriend’s house at Pee Wee Lane in Negril.

Again, on the afternoon of Friday, June 16, 2017 the body of the missing young Data Entry Clerk was discovered murdered in a cane field, a few chains from her house in Little London.

19-year-old Shantel Wright went missing on Thursday morning, after she left a party which was being held at her mother’s bar, along the Little London main road.

It is reported that, Shantel was last seen alive about 12:30 am on Thursday morning, June 15, 2017, leaving the party allegedly in the company of the senior police officer.

She was not seen or heard from since by her family. Members of her family grew suspicious after coworkers at the Sav la mar station contacted her home on Thursday afternoon and inquired about why she never turn up at work on Thursday.

Angry family members of the victim told Mckoy’s News that they made several attempts to contact the police station for an update but their attempts failed.

(Henry Bucknor Photo ) Angry Residents Block Road – Westmoreland Police Station Clerk, 19-Year-Old Shantel Wright Killed

The Westmoreland Police Station Clerk was discovered allegedly with a section of her head bashed-in, in a cane field close to her house.

It is reported that, a bunch of house keys, a cell phone and a leather belt allegedly resembling the ones worn by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force were discovered beside her body.

The scene was processed, the body removed and pronounced dead.

The police say they are now working very hard and share the pain of the family but they are asking for their coöperation in the investigations.

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