‘Hot Granny’ went shopping in craft Market

Many knew her as ‘Hot Granny,’ but her mother Christened, call her Veronica Reid. For the past five years, ‘Hot Granny’ has been one of the most famous ladies in the city of Montego Bay. This was evident on many occasions, as she made way in and out of the town, with her fashionable matching outfits.


'Hot Granny' went shopping in craft Market
‘Hot Granny’ went shopping in craft Market

Monday, January 13, she was spotted inside the Montego Bay craft market doing a little shopping. The mother of seven said that she was a fashion Icon from her early days.


Some of her work over the years includes working at the Jacan Garment Factory, and as an office attendant at the Jamaica Public Services office, which was then located on Market Street. “I want to buy a car to drive around Western Jamaica, that is my dream. I saw a nice car that I like parked inside the craft Market, I wish I did have one like it,” said ‘Hot Granny’. Here she shows some of the clothes and bags she went to look on, and the car she saw and like.

‘Hot Granny’ went shopping in craft Market


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