Lapwing the Top Craft Carver

One of Jamaica’s top Woodcarver is a man at the Harbour Street Market who goes by the stage name Lapwing. Lapwing has been carving for well over 35 years and has made a name for himself. He started off as a sand paperboy; doing sandpapering for a man name Kelly Norman who taught him the trade.


Lapwing has carved out many different images such as Bob Marley, Fish or Lion and many other images of animals and creatures. Some of his carvings are all over the Globe at various business places, getting a lot of recognition. Lapwing is hoping for a contract to sell some of his carvings on the international market so that he can make more money from his skill.



One of his biggest carvings is now on display at the Glistening Waters complex in Falmouth.  If you wish to see some of his carvings, you can visit him at the Harbour Street craft market in Montego Bay.

Here is a photo of some of the carvings that Lapwing has carved out at his shop.

Lapwing the top craft carver
Lapwing the top craft carver


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