Hopewell Peace March

Hopewell Peace March was a Success    

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, March 16, 2018 – Hopewell Peace March                                                                                       

Hanover, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – In the month of January,  the parish of Hanover recorded the first four murders and all those four murders which included a double murder were recorded in the Hopewell area.

Since these killings,  the Hanover police have posted permanent patrols in the Camp and McQuarrie areas which accounted for the double murder and several shooting incidents.

Since then a number of residents have been living in fear because of the astonishing flare-up of crime in both adjoining districts.

Hopewell Peace March: On Wednesday afternoon, March 14,  the Hopewell Ministers Fraternal joined forces with the Hanover Police and a number of community groups in the area, and stage a Peace March.

Our news team learnt that the March was aimed at reaching out to those affected by the recent upsurge in crimes, and a number of troubled youths in both communities.

Following the march, we caught up with Vernal Campbell,  President of the Camp and McQuarrie Citizen Association who stated that the event was a total success.

Campbell stated that it is very saddening to see the way in which recent crimes have negatively impacted and transformed the community. He pointed out that a number of persons have fled their homes but the Peace March reached out to those who choose to remain behind.

Campbell further stated that the residents embraced the Ministers Fraternal and the other groups. He highlighted the problems that have been affecting the residents, as well as, the incidents which have been leading up to the upsurge of crimes in the community.

The team also managed to speak to a number of the troubled youths in both communities and they too say they are willing to work with whatever upliftment the groups were bringing to the community.

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