Hanover Records 11 Murders since the Start of the Year

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Jamaica News, April 6, 2018 – Hanover Records 11 Murders since the Start of the Year                                   

Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – The police in the parish of Hanover have reported that since the start of the year, a total of 11 murders have been recorded across the parish. As a result, they have stepped up security within several volatile communities.

The year 2017 ended with the parish recording over 50 murders. The Sandy Bay Police Division accounted for the last murder in 2017, as well as, the first two murders and the first double murder of 2018.

During the previous year, several gang feuds in the Lucea policing area resulted in a large number of murders.  But the police have indicated that they have managed to bring that division under control and they are presently focusing on the Sandy Bay Area.

Of the 11 persons reportedly killed in the parish since the start of the year, six of these murders have taken place in the Sandy Bay Division.

The police have now placed excess police presence and portable check points across the Hopewell Division.

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