Green Pond Student Stabbed To Death

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Green Pond Student Stabbed to Death: A 17-yr-old teenager has been taken into police custody following the stabbing death of a 16-yr-old Green Pond High School student in Montego Bay St James on Friday (September 15, 2017) afternoon. Following the incident, several commuters who witnessed the incident, are asking the police to bring in the DPP before proceeding much further with their investigations.

The police reported that the 16-yr-old student who has been identified as Ryan Whyte allegedly provoked a 17-yr-old student who hails from Salt Spring. The 17-yr-old has been taken into custody and is now facing murder charges. Reports are that about 2:00 p.m. on Friday, Whyte and another teenaged student got involved in an argument on the compound of the KFC outlet along Howard Cooke Boulevard.

The 17-yr-old who is the friend of the other teenager intervened and took away his friend. Both boys walked to the Intersection of Union Street and Market Street and were in the process of boarding a taxi to go home when Whyte and another boy ambushed the students with whom he had the altercation earlier.

According to police reports, the teenaged boy was being stabbed several times by Whyte when the 17-yr-old intervened again, and this time managed to take away one of the knives which he used to stab Whyte. He then took up his wounded friend and placed him in a taxi and rushed him to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was treated and admitted in serious condition. Whyte was also transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital by another taxi operator where he died while being treated.

The 17-yr-old student has since been taken into custody but dozens of eyewitnesses and family members of the accused youth are now asking for the intervention of the DPP.

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