Gastronomy Space at Devon House to be Expanded

Jamaica News: Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says discussions are being finalised for the acquisition of certain lands to expand the Devon House gastronomy space.

Mr. Bartlett explained that the discussions involve “moving things around” to create proper parking spaces, “so that some of the facilities we now have for parking can (be used) for other things”.

The Minister was speaking to JIS News following the launch of Devon House’s Emancipendence Expo, in St. Andrew on July 10.

Devon House’s gastronomy experience will include a self-service kitchen, farmers’ market and food shops.

Visitors will have the opportunity to cook their own meals under the supervision of a Michelin Chef, after purchasing produce, meats and condiments from the farmers’ market to be located in proximity to the kitchen.

At the food shops, visitors will pay and sample a selection of the island’s cuisine while enjoying local wines and rums.

The Emancipendence Expo, which is being held from August 4 to 5, will showcase and promote the works of Jamaican entrepreneurs from various industries, such as cosmetics and manufacturing, from all over the island.

The event is free to the public, and visitors will be able to walk around and interact with exhibitors and sponsors while learning about the business and their various products and services.

Minister Bartlett said both days must be viewed as another opportunity to “showcase our creativity and innovation, and our capacity to be creative and to produce items of value that will not only bring economic returns to us, but bring aesthetic appreciation to the wider world”.

Meanwhile, Devon House Executive Director, Janet Taylor, said the Expo aims to combine the conception and celebration of two significant national milestones, which will showcase the rich diversity of Jamaican achievements.

“We have incorporated not only craft but gastronomy, technology and wellness, which we hope will appeal to visitors of all ages,” she said.

Mrs. Taylor hailed the Minister for his contribution to Devon House and for being the “driving force” behind its endeavours.

For his part, Project Manager at the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), Nalford Hyde, said his agency has consistently supported Devon House by significantly investing in the enhancement of its infrastructure, which tourists and locals continue to enjoy.

He advised that support for the Emancipendence Expo is assured because of the crucial linkages to be formed between what tourists consume and locals produce.

The two-day trade show, which is expected to take place on the south lawns of Devon House, will showcase more than 50 exhibits, which are mainly small and micro enterprises and start-ups.


Source: JIS News

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