Gap launches fall campaign with ‘culture shapers’

Gap debuted on Tuesday a fall advertising campaign that showcases the voices of a distinct and diverse cast of individuals.

Dubbed ‘Individuals’, the campaign features an array of creators ranging from award-winning Chinese filmmaker Chloé Zhao, to Black Deaf BASL activist Nakia Smith, to aspiring, young astronaut Alyssa Carson, who define their creativity, self-expression and personal style.

The diverse group of 10 “culture shapers” also include native actress, JaShaun St. John, 17-year-old mental health advocate and singer-songwriter, Willa Amai, and philanthropist, model, designer and musician, Kailand Morris, to name a few.

Through the campaign, the essence of the individuals are captured in just 15 seconds offering a unique take on the concept of ’15 minutes of fame’. Including a mix of video profiles paired with portraits, stories are amplified and represent how their values are a force for good.

“This dimensional cast of Individuals embodies modern American optimism,” said Mary Alderete, global head of Gap marketing. “Gap continues to amplify the voices of changemaking and culture shaping individuals, celebrating who they are and what makes them a true representation of the voices of today. These incredible individuals characterize an optimistic future fueled by creativity, possibility and unity.”

The campaign highlights Gap essentials made iconic in the 90s, reinvented for today, featuring new loose, relaxed fits in denim and khakis styled back to hoodies, crisp white and plaid button-downs and transitional outerwear.

It was concepted by Gap global creative director, Len Peltier, directed by Christian Weber with portraits shot by renowned photographer Mark Seliger.

Gap launches fall campaign with 'culture shapers'
Gap launches fall campaign with ‘culture shapers’ 

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