Family Claims Negligence Caused Death of Pregnant Woman

A family from Hanover is alleging negligence killed a 25-year-old pregnant woman at Noel Holmes Hospital in the parish.

Almena Martin, 44, is the woman’s mother-in-law and insists that an investigation is needed into how Sakile Stewart died on Monday, September 28.

She and others spoke with this reporter outside the hospital in Lucea, the parish capital Wednesday, September 30.

Several people from the Johnson Town and Esher area of Lucea gathered just outside the hospital awaiting answers as to what could possibly be the cause of death of Stewart. The 25-year-old was admitted to the hospital for hypertension (pressure) but later it was reported she had bled to death.

At the time of her death, she was eight months pregnant with a possible delivery date of October 12.

According to her boyfriend, Romario Murray, “Sakile went to the Lucea Health Centre to get her usual maternity check-up. While doing her check-up it was revealed that her pressure was very high and she had to be admitted.” According to him, she was then placed on the ward for observations and treatment. She was asking for a transfer to the Savanna-la-mar or Cornwall Regional hospital, as she was in much pain. He said she was neglected by staff while she was in great pain.

He continues, “I left her talking happily and went onto Falmouth, when I got the news that I should come back to the hospital. It was when I got back there, they told me that she was dead.”

Family members claimed that Ms Stewart signed a document for medication to be administered to her and this medication, they believe caused complications leading to death.

Almena Martin who is Mr. Murray’s mother and who was anticipating welcoming her first grandson was at a loss for words. “They are very careless at this hospital. We need a thorough investigation into the death of my stepdaughter,” she said.

Staff members at the hospital held a meeting over the matter and said everyone had to await an autopsy.

Alan Lewin

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