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ESCAPED alleged killer of 2 American Missionaries in 2016 – CAPTURED

St. Mary, Jamaica (McN) –  BACKGROUND: United States Missionaries Hentzel, of Donnellson, Iowa and Nichols, of Randolph, N.Y. who lived and worked as missionaries in Jamaica for a Pennsylvania-based religious organization called “Teams for Medical Missions” were both shot and hacked to death in Jamaica, on Saturday April 30, 2016.

Both men did evangelism and Bible ministry and built homes, a mission which they carried out in Jamaica. The motive for their death was robbery. Their bodies were found tied up in the remote hills of Albion, St. Mary, after they had rented motorcycles and gone on a trail together.

In June of 2016, police announced that they had arrested the alleged killers of both Americans.

Fast-forward to January 4, 2017, and one of the alleged killer escapes police custody from a St Mary Hospital where he was receiving medical care.

25-year-old Andre Thomas, otherwise called ‘Dougie’ and ‘Chino’  of Albion Mountain in St. Mary, along with 25-year-old Dwight Henry were arrested and charged with murder and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition following intensive investigations.

Dwight Henry – Alleged 2016 Killer of US Missionaries stationed in Jamaica

Thomas  escaped police custody on January 4. from a St. Mary Hospital where he was receiving medical care, he was recaptured on Thursday January 26.

Police say at approximately 10:00 pm on Thursday, they executed a well planned capture of the alleged assailant. Thomas was removed from a car along a bridge near Annotto Bay, in St Mary.

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