Emergency team explains 5 hour Spur Tree crash operation

Acting Assistant Superintendent Oneil Bryan of the Mandeville Fire Dept in Manchester has given an explanation for why the emergency operation along Spur Tree main road took 5 hours on Saturday.

He said the size and weight of the cement mixer component that fell onto a Toyota motorcar were beyond the capabilities of any tool firefighters had. They therefore had to call in a crane from St Elizabeth to remove the mixer.

Motorists and commuters who spoke with our news team on the scene were boiling mad that their travel time had been hampered for up to five hours as the traffic backed up for several kilometers into St Elizabeth and Manchester.

Some commuters had to resort to walking to different points to board taxis and buses that had created a temporary route to ferry persons from the Spur Tree crash site into Manchester and St Elizabeth.

In the meantime at least one motorist appealed for truck drivers to start obeying their weight guidelines, pointing out that too often persons are adding hundreds or thousands of pounds more than their units can safely carry.

He also urged the government to install more speed deterrents along the along the Spur Tree main road such as “sleeping police” as well as direct traffic cops to patrol the area more often to look out for delinquent drivers.

Paulette Mullings Killed in Fatal crash along Spur Tree main road

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  • These people are crazy.A lady lost her life in that horrific accident,and these morons are complaining about being delayed on the road!!!

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