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Eltham-Spanish Town Taxi Driver Allegedly Forced Teen Passenger to hold his Private

Eltham Park, St. Catherine (McN) –  An Elthma Park  to Spanish Town Taxi driver appeared before the St. Catherine Parish Court today on sexual offence charges against an 18-year-old.

Per the Spanish Town police, this is Christopher Vernon’s second sexual offence charge.

The allegation before the court is that in January 2017, Vernon, a taxi driver in route from Spanish Town to Eltham Park, picked up an 18-year-old female passenger.

Along the way, he stopped to urinate on the roadway and brandished his penis to the female, asking her if it was her size.

Reportedly, Vernon return to the taxi motor car and griped the complainant’s hand, forcing her to massage his penis until he masturbated, and continued to ask her to have sex with him.

The incident was reported to the Spanish Town police.

Police then picked up Vernon on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court for his other sexual offense charge.

He was later charged with this incident also.

Vernon returns to court on February 14, 2017.

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