Crime: Elderly Carpenter Murdered, Son on the Run

Latest Jamaica News, Manchester (McKoy’s News): The body of an elderly man was discovered at his home in Manchester on Monday, December 30. The Mandeville police say they have now launched a search for the victim’s son, who is believed to be the suspect in his murder.

The deceased has been identified as 75-year-old Roy Leon otherwise called “Barry”, a carpenter of Georges Valley in Manchester.

According to reports, the body was found on Tuesday morning by neighbors, on the front steps of his half-finished house, with his head partially severed.

Residents in the community say the suspect, Jay Leon, son of the deceased, has been having frequent disputes with his father, and it had gotten worse since he lost his job. They added that he was in Christiana and returned to the community on Saturday.

He reportedly spent Sunday night with some relatives and friends at a local bar, who stated that he was behaving “strange”.  It is further stated that he went to his father’s house after midnight and they allegedly got in an altercation.

He is said to have taken his mother from the house during the dispute, then went back and commit the gruesome act.

The Mandeville police are investigating.

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